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Click Here to Report An Absence


Attendance is very important to us here at Pepper Tree.  To avoid receiving attendance letters remember that, for the entire school year

  • Tardies need to remain under four (4) ;and
  • Absences should remain under ten (10) .

Children are expected to be in school unless they are ill.  Please call your child’s school office to report an absence.  If this is not possible, a note indicating the reason for the absence is required when your child returns to school. 

Appointments: Doctor and dental appointments are the only excused absences.  We appreciate your efforts in having your child attend school any portion of a day when full attendance is not possible.  A telephone answering machine is available 24 hours a day to report absences.   

Attendance/Absentee Line: To report an absent student call the attendance line at 909-949-3627 and leave a message.

Be sure to include your child's name, date of absence, reason for absence, and your name and your relationship to the child.