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Dress Code

Student Dress Code

Students need to be prepared for school, which includes an appropriate appearance. Most of our students do an EXCELLENT JOB AND LOOK LIKE PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS. Teachers have been asked to check students in the morning for appropriate school attire. Students who do not wear appropriate school attire will be asked to make a change. In some cases, students may need to have clothing brought from home or supplied by the school to finish the day. In order to look like a professional students, your children should come to school with the following:

  • Shorts that are no shorter than the mid-point of the thigh

  • Short skirts that include shorts under them

  • Shoes that are flat and allow students to participate in sports activities (if sandals are worn, they must be closed-toe and have a heel strap, students need tennis shoes for recess, lunch, and PE)

  • Pants that stay on the waist and have a length that does not pose a safety hazard

  • Pants that are so low in the back when sitting that the top does not cover all exposed skin are NOT permitted

  • Ripped or torn clothing is not allowed (i.e distressed jeans where the skin is exposed)

  • Jewelry or accessories that do not pose a safety hazard

  • Clean faces and arms, free of make-up and writing

  • Fingernails that are clean and trimmed so as not to pose a safety hazard

  • Heads with clean hair

  • Hairstyles that are conducive to a productive, professional learning environment and do not pose a distraction

  • No hats, except on the playground

  • Clothing that has appropriate messages and artwork for a school environment

  • No spaghetti straps or shoulder straps less than two inches wide, halter tops, tops with only one shoulder, racerback, or tops that do not completely cover the student’s torso or tops that do not cover all undergarments

  • No tattoos

Sometimes our decisions may seem arbitrary or subjective. Our intent is to mirror the expectations of a professional workplace and prepare your children for real-life experiences.

You may want to place the name of your child inconspicuously on clothing that may be removed(sweatshirts, jackets, hats, etc.) Every year we are unable to return clothing to the rightful owner because it is not marked.

Cell Phones/Smart Watches

Students carrying cell phones must keep them in their backpacks or with a teacher and the must be turned OFF while at school.  Students may use their cell phones once they leave campus.

Smart Phones

Smart Watches are allowed to be worn.  However, they are not to be utilized during the school day for text messaging, phone calls or Internet use. 

Pepper Tree Dress Code