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Mission Statement

Pepper Tree is the proud home to approximately 812 ethnically diverse students from a predominantly middle/upper middle class, business and professional community. A rich cultural diversity is recognized in the numerous languages and varied ethnic backgrounds represented by our student body: Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, African-American, and Euro-American.

Pepper Tree staff and parents work collaboratively to foster a sense of individual responsibility while developing self-esteem. Staff, parents, and students participated in developing Cornerstones for Success,
the beliefs that guide our school-wide expectations. It states:

We believe that: each student has the right to learn; each teacher has the right to teach; and parental involvement and support is essential to success. Therefore, all students and adults will come to school prepared to learn; do their best; take care of personal and school property; show courtesy, caring and respect towards self and others; and use safe conduct.

Dignity for both adults and students underlies the fabric of the school’s climate and each and every student-staff interaction. We believe that because of these Cornerstones for Success our scores remain among the highest in the district.