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School Rules


Expectations for Student Behavior

At Pepper Tree Elementary School student safety is of utmost importance.  For this reason the following expectations have been established and will be adhered to at all times.

Before School

  • Students crossing the street to get to school will use the crosswalk and follow all instructions given by the crossing attendant.
  • Students coming to school by private vehicles need to be dropped off at the curb in the drop off zone in the east parking lot or parents may park in the west parking lot and walk the child to the quad area.
  • Students riding the bus will follow all the bus rules.
  • The campus is open to students beginning at 7:40 AM each day.  Students needing to be dropped off earlier need to be enrolled in before school day care.
  • Beginning at 7:40 AM, primary students are to go directly to the primary playground when they arrive.
  • Students in grade 4-6 who enter from the front of the school are to quickly drop off their backpacks and go directly to the upper playground. Students may only go to classrooms before school with a note from the teacher.
  • Parents must wait outside of the gates.
  • Parent Volunteers will be allowed on campus after the morning bell rings. All volunteers must check in at the office and wear a visitor sticker. 
  • Students freeze when the first bell rings and wait to be dismissed by the teacher on duty.
  • Students should be in their classrooms ready to begin the day when the tardy bell rings.  Students not in the classroom prior to the tardy bell need to check in at the office before entering the classroom.

At Recesses or Between Classes

  • Students are to walk to and from the playgrounds.
  • When spoken to by any adult, the student will respond appropriately.
  • Running is allowed on the playgrounds only.
  • When in the restrooms, students should use the facilities appropriately, leaving them as clean as when they entered.  This is not a place for hanging out.
  • Students are to walk directly to where they line up when the bell rings.

At Lunch

  • Students will walk to the lunch line and wait in line in the order they arrive.  Students giving cuts will go to the end of the line with the student cutting into line.
  • Students will sit at their assigned tables and use appropriate table manners and voice.
  • Students will be responsible for cleaning their eating area.  They will then raise their hands and wait in their seats to be excused to throw away trash and walk to the playground.
  • Students will talk out problems with peers, walk away from the problem, or seek assistance from an adult on duty.
  • All directions given by any adult will be followed the first time given.

After School

  • Parents waiting for students to be dismissed need to wait outside the gates.   Please do not bring dogs onto the campus.
  • Students will walk when exiting the classroom to go directly home or to day care (unless other arrangements have been previously made).
  • If walking across the street, students will use the crosswalk.
  • Students waiting for a ride will remain on the grass until their ride pulls up to the curb or an adult meets them at the sidewalk.
  • Bus riders will wait patiently in line until boarding the bus and then follow all bus rules while on the bus.