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School Spirit


Pepper Tree Elementary School is a special place. We are proud of our students, staff, and parents. Each year we work on building strong school spirit. We believe students MUST be proud of their own school!

School Mascot: Panther 

School Colors: Royal Blue and White


School Song:  The Pepper Tree Glee

Oh, Pepper Tree you’ll always be

The school of champions

At every turn we’ll grow and learn

Cause we’re the special ones


 In all we do our course is true

You’ll see our panther pride

Hard work – hard play, we’ll live each day

With honor at our side


 Our flag with colors bright and bold

Unfurls in the sky

We'll cheer for royal blue and white

And wave our banner high


 Now Pepper Tree you’re home to me

Good Friends and teachers we

Will never fail – we will prevail

All hail to Pepper Tree